I am a physician-scientist with a focus on exploring the mechanisms of allograft rejection and autoimmunity with ultimate goal of establishing novel immunoregulatory strategies to promote graft acceptance and to treat autoimmune diabetes. Over the past several years, we have built a multidisciplinary team encompassing experts in tissue engineering, department of material sciences, and bioinformatics to address some of the challenges in transplantation and other complex diseases such as type 1 diabetes.


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Ibrahim Batal, Jamil Azzi, Marwan Mounayar, Robert Moore, Jack Y Lee, Florencia Rosetti, Chang Wang, Paolo Fiorina, Robert Sackstein,Takaharu Ichimura, Reza Abdi. The mechanisms of up-regulation of dendritic cell activity by oxidative stress. Journal of Leukocyte Biology. In Press


Associate Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Transplant Nephrologist
Brigham and Women’s Hospital



1991 – MD, Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Awards & Honors

2007 – National kidney foundation clinical scientist award, National Kidney Foundation

2011 – AST Basic Scientist Award, American Society of Transplantation

2012 – Advancing Research in Transplantation Science (ARTS) Awards, Pfizer

2014 – American Diabetes Association Basic Science Award



Phone: 617-732-7249
Fax: 617-732-5254
E-Mail: rabdi@partners.org