This research study is being done to study immune cells in transplant recipients, particularly regulatory T cells (Tregs), cells responsible for an immune system response.  How a transplant patient’s immune system responds determines how long their transplants last.  Our long term goal, which will require additional studies, is to obtain these naturally occurring cells from transplant patients expand them, and then re-infuse them back into the same patients.  The hope is that this procedure will allow us to reduce or stop the immunosuppression drugs (who all have moderate to severe long term side effects) that each transplant patient must take for their lifetime, to keep their transplants healthy and functioning.

Our initial plan is to enroll patients to expand Tregs and study the Tregs in the lab. Our hope is to continue this studies to involve treatment of transplant patients in the future.

Regulatory T Cells Study

Expansion and Characterization of Regulatory T Cell Populations from Transplant Recipients

Principal Investigator

Anil Chandrakar, MD